Thursday, December 29, 2011

Peppermint Hot Cocoa!

Well I've decided to pop my blogging cherry with my favorite winter beverage! I made this for my family on Christmas and well, mom didn't have any peppermint syrup (I know right) but she did have peppermint sticks.
Okay, here we go.

You will need:
Peppermint sticks (or those restaurant peppermints)
Hot chocolate
Whipping cream
Cocoa powder

Small/Medium pot
Meat tenderizer, rolling pin, back of a large spoon
Clean towel

I followed the directions on a generic brand of hot chocolate. It had me use 1 cup of water per 1/4 cup of powdered hot chocolate mix. I used half water half milk. You can make it from scratch if you'd like just adjust the recipe as needed.

In the large pan warm milk/water:

While the milk/water is warming on stove crush up peppermint sticks.
Originally I used a paper towel and back of a large spoon, but it kept ripping. I switched to a clean kitchen towel and meat tenderizer. That worked better.

 This method made them much smaller, which allows them to dissolve quicker and lets you enjoy it in less time.

Once milk/water is warm (hope you were keeping your eye on it) whisk in the hot chocolate mix.
Once that is all mixed together add in the crushed peppermint sticks.
 Whisk together the peppermint pieces until completely dissolved.
Garnish with whipping cream, cocoa powder and the fine peppermint "dust" that is left after crushing the peppermints.
 Viola! Ready to serve.
 They seem to enjoy it.

Well, there ya go. I used about 3 peppermint sticks to serve a hearty 6. The cups were more than 8oz. I hope you like it.